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8/29/2007 04:56:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

August 29, 2007 • Posted By Josiah Rowe
David Bowie's website has debunked a story in The Sun that claimed Bowie would be appearing in Doctor Who as "an evil alien abductor". The Sun connects the Bowie rumor with the upcoming Agatha Christie story, which they erroneously describe as a two-part special. Bowie's website says, "... the whole story is as much news to [Bowie fans] as it is to him. David Bowie is not planning to star in Dr Who and the whole story is 'absolute tish and tosh'." The Bowie site goes on to mention Dalek operator and Big Finish regular Nicholas Pegg, who is also author of The Complete David Bowie.

UPDATEBBC News has also released a story debunking the Sun's claim. The BBC's story adds that "a spokeswoman for the BBC One show also denied the story.