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7/31/2007 03:02:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Scarecrows are waiting for you in the latest edition of Doctor Who Adventures with a fact file about the Family of Blood. You can find out about the Family's fate and everything you need to know about the fearsome four.

Also in this issue, a fact file about the Sun-Possessed, a Dalek or two, and news of the returning friendly foes, the Ood.

There is also a look back at the best scenes of the last series, from severely scary to just plain brilliant and the Comic strip, part two of The Last Soldier.

With a Scary mask you can become a Weeping Angel and dare your friends to blink! And there are four exclusive posters of the Master, a Pig Slave, Captain Jack clinging to the TARDIS and Yana and Chantho from Utopia.

This issue comes with a set of four bouncy balls and holographic stickers.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 35, is out across the UK, on Thursday 2 August.