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5/23/2007 07:23:00 pm - Reported by Adam Kirk

May 23, 2007 • Posted By Adam Kirk
Optus TV Magazine reports that Australian cable broadcaster UKTV Australia will screen the 15-minute 'cutdown' episodes of Doctor Who Confidential as part of a Doctor Who marathon of series one and two on the Australian Queen's Birthday long weekend (9-11 June).

The screenings of these Doctor Who Confidential episodes will mark the first time ever that this programme has been shown on Australian broadcast television.

Series 1 will start at midday on Saturday June 9. The Christmas Invasion, followed by Series 2, will start at midday on Sunday June 10. Each Confidential episode will be shown following its corresponding Doctor Who episode.

The marathon also marks the first time The Christmas Invasion and series two have been shown on UKTV Australia.

It has been reported that The Runaway Bride and Series 3 will have its Australian debut on the ABC in late June.

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