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4/23/2007 02:26:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Sunday night's BBC Three repeat of episode four, Daleks in Manhattan, achieved a record audience of 1.10 millionviewers, the highest the programme has achieved on this channel. This made it by far the highest rated programme on multichannel television for the day and gave it a6% share of the audience.

Half that audience stayed for the repeat of Doctor Who Confidential, giving it a rating of 0.59 Million viewers and making it the fourth most watched multichanel programme of the day.

Overnight figures for the whole week show Doctor Who is presently the 20th most watched programme of the week. Final figures, released next week, will include figures for those who recorded the programme and should see the programme move up the charts.

Meanwhile, Saturday's BBC One showing achieved an Appreciation Index (AI) figure of 86, once again placing the programme in the excellent category and made it the most appreciated programme of the day.

Last Sunday's BBC Three repeat of Gridlock achieved an AI figure of 86.