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3/25/2007 09:18:00 pm - Reported by R Alan Siler

March 25, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
Living Scotsman is currently featuring an interview with native son David Tennant on the eve of the debut of Series Three of Doctor Who. The interview, entitled "The Doctor Will See You Now", takes a look at David's career thusfar, from announcing to his parents at the age of three that he wanted to be an actor and play the Doctor, to projects that he's working on now during breaks from Who.

He makes mention of his first appearance in Doctor Who, in Big Finish's Colditz: "I got to play a Nazi-ish character and Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor. Sylvester McCoy was a bit after my time, to be honest, but he's still a god among men because he's played the Doctor. I played it quite cool, though. I don't think they knew quite how overexcited I was."

To read the entire article, please visit the Living Scotsman online.