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3/22/2007 09:40:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The Saturday night schedule is beginning to become clear after a short period of misinformation and confusion created by the network's scheduling department in order to confuse their rivals.

On BBC1 Doctor Who will launch at 7pm as expected.

Its lead in is now expected to be second in the series of The National Lottery People's Quiz with Jamie Theakston, a countrywide search for the UK's best quizzer. Doctor Who will be followed by the new search for a star series Any Dream Will Do, fronted by Graham Norton and featuring John Barrowman as one of the judges.

Doctor Who's main opposition on ITV1 is likely to be their third showing of the feature film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second film in the series. This is the exact same film that ITV put up against the start of Series 2 when it achieved 5.1 million viewers against New Earth's 8.6 million. The film was first shown in December 2005 when it got 8.3 million viewers.

On BBC2 Doctor Who will face the 1956 film The Man Who Never Was staring Clifton Webb and Gloria Grahame. Playing the role of Joe is one William Russell, seven years before he stumbled into the Tardis playing one of the first companions Ian Chesterton. This film was last shown on 10th April 2004 when it was watched by 2.2 million viewers.

Channel 4 are showing a documentary Born Survivor: Bear Grylls which demonstrates how to survive in the world's most extreme environments. Something which may be useful to the Doctor.

Channel 5 have the 1983 Oscar winning film Terms of Endearment staring Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger and Jack Nicholson. On its last showing in August 2006 it was watched, on Channel Five, by 0.73 million viewers.

Doctor Who Confidential will be on BBC3 from 1945-2025

All schedules are subject to change until this weekend when they are issued to the listing magazines.