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2/20/2007 05:12:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

February 20, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Big Finish Productions has updated their website, with information on new and upcoming releases. The Seventh Doctor story Nocturne and the CD of the BBC7 Eighth Doctor story Blood of the Daleks - Part 2 have both been released to subscribers, as have the first four releases of The Companion Chronicles. Actress Sara Griffiths, who played Ray in the 1987 story "Delta and the Bannermen", returns to Doctor Who in the April release, I. D. by Eddie Robson. The cover and synopsis for the latest Bernice Summerfield adventure, The Tub Full of Cats, are available on the website, as is information about new and upcoming releases in the Sapphire and Steel, which has now been confirmed for a third season, and Tomorrow People lines. And the cover and blurb are now available for next month's main Doctor Who release, Renaissance of the Daleks, which is also the first story on the main range to feature the new cover design. This release is based on a story by former Doctor Who script editor and writer Christopher H. Bidmead:
A random landing in London and a trip to the Savoy Hotel yield unexpected results for the Doctor. Tea, scones, an American general who knows far too much, and the threat of a Dalek invasion of Earth.

Meanwhile, the Doctor's companion Nyssa is in Rhodes during the time of the Crusades, where her position proves to be distinctly precarious.

It seems the Doctor's deadliest foes have woven a tangled web indeed. And in order to defeat them, he must cross the forbidden barriers of time and walk into the very centre of their latest, most outlandish scheme of conquest.