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2/19/2007 05:14:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

February 19, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Monday's edition of The Sun has picked up on the furore over remarks by John Barrowman.

It follows sexual comments made by Barrowman in Doctor Who Magazine, which prompted letters of complaint and an apology.

The 39-year-old Torchwood and Doctor Who star made certain references about himself,Christopher EcclestonDavid Tennant and Torchwood director Ashley Way in a previous edition of the magazine.

DWM reader Robert Mitchell from Brighton had a letter published in the current edition in which he said: "The magazine is called Doctor Who Magazine and not Gay Times."

The Sun lifts part of the response by editor Clayton Hickman, quoting him as saying: "We consider the magazine is for older readers, but some of this content may have overstepped the mark. Apologies."