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1/12/2007 07:45:00 pm - Reported by Kenny Davidson

January 12, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
The MediaGuardian's Media Monkey diary column has featured Doctor Who for the second time this week (requires free registration to view). This time the reference is to Outpost Gallifrey, and specifically a plan apparently being put together by fans on this website's forum to use the new download rules of the UK pop music singles chart to propel Murray Gold's song "Love Don't Roam" into the Top 40. The song, which was sung by Neil Hannon of the band The Divine Comedy, featured in the recent Christmas special episode "The Runaway Bride", and as well as being included on Gold's Doctor Who soundtrack CD is also available to buy online from music downloading sites such as Apple's iTunes service.

"The world of Doctor Who fans is awash with plots and rumours at the moment," claims the report. "The Outpost Gallifrey fan site is cautioning that Monkey's suggestion on Wednesday that Jason Statham will be the next Doctor is mere speculation. Anyway, now a new conspiracy has been hatched: now that the singles chart takes account of downloads, Whovians have spied an opportunity to send a ditty of their choice into the charts."

The report further quotes Outpost Gallifrey forum users "Christopher M Wadley" and "Perfecto" on plans to organise mass downloads of the song, before concluding that: "Given the power of these campaigns - remember the 390,000 people who classed themselves as Jedi in the 2001 census - expect Love Don't Roam to materialise into the top 40, or the hit parade as they called it in William Hartnell's day.