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1/21/2007 05:26:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

January 21, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Just a reminder readers in the US and Canada that Christopher Eccleston will be appearing on the television seriesHeroes tomorrow, Monday January 22.

In the US Heroes is broadcast on NBC at 9:00pm Eastern and Pacific, 8:00pm Central and Mountain. In Canada Heroesruns on the Global Television Network. Eccleston plays a man named Claude who can become invisible.

The character, who is named after Claude Rains, star of the 1933 film The Invisible Man, will appear in several episodes in the remainder of this season.

UPDATE: The Sun had a picture story about Eccleston's Heroes role in its edition dated January 24, saying the show will be on the Sci Fi Channel next month.