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1/25/2007 05:23:00 pm - Reported by Kenny Davidson

January 25, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
Issue 379 of Doctor Who Magazine is due out on 1st February; the following is a preview including the cover. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.
(Thanks to Tom Spilsbury/DWM)
Grab your popcorn, take your seats and discover the story of the lost Doctor Who movie - in the new issue ofDoctor Who Magazine !

Find out what connects killer scarecrows, a giant game of pinball, the Daleks, and, er, Vincent Price, as DWM charts the incredible story behind the unmade motion picture - with insightful comments from writers Tom Baker and Ian Marter, as well as a full and detailed plot synopsis, and some beautiful new illustrations from artist Brian Williamson.

Also this issue, Helen Raynor talks exclusively about her new Doctor Who episode, Daleks in Manhattan; The Fact of Fiction uncovers Fourth Doctor classic Image of the Fendahl; and the Tenth Doctor and the Brigadier find themselves in the thick of the battle in Part 2 of their new comic strip adventure, The Warkeeper's Crown.

Plus! The first three Doctors are plucked out of their timestreams to solve Doctor Who's dating problems;Russell T Davies goes for a 3am walk around Cardiff Bay in Production Notes; and all the latest news, views and reviews from the worlds of Doctor Who.

DWM 379 is on sale from Thursday 1 February 2007.