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12/23/2006 01:55:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

December 23, 2006  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
Yesterday's "GMTV" saw television critic Richard Arnold recommend "The Runaway Bride" as the one not to miss: "The money shot on Christmas Day belongs to Doctor Who - I know as much as it is the battle of the soaps this time of year, but I think this could be one of the highest rated shows of the season."

Also, the Christmas Special also made an appearance on BBC's "Breakfast", used as an illustration to the item on the increase of the BBC's licence fee, and how it's lower than expected rise could cause the BBC to reconsider it's current output in light of plans to invest in new services and technology.

Last night's "Screen Wipe" on BBC4 saw Charlie Brooker briefly mention Doctor Who as one of the popular programmes to be used on the Christmas evening, and featured a clip from "The Christmas Invasion" and also one of the notorious outtakes of Tom Baker swearing at K9. (thanks to pixel42 on the forum)

Finally, this morning's "Breakfast" featured an article, not on the Bride but instead on the "Doctor Who Confidential" that will be broadcast at 1:00pm on Christmas Day. Cyberman operator Paul Kasey and Dalek vocalist Nick Briggs were on the programme, and answered questions that had been sent in by children. The item also included clips from the Children in Need concert and a montage of monsters from the series.