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12/10/2006 12:34:00 am - Reported by Josiah Rowe

December 10, 2006  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Doctor Who Coverage in Local News

It seems like every local newspaper in Britain has a Doctor Who-related story this week.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald announces Billie Piper's return to her hometown of Swindon for a signing of her autobiography. (Incidentally, there's another passing mention of the book's slow sales at The Guardian.)

Sylvester McCoy will be appearing in the panto Aladdin in Reading this Christmas, reveals the Reading Evening Post.

The Exmouth Herald reveals that a Cyberman showed up at the Exmouth Indoor Market last week -- advertising a local science fiction club, the Devon Seaside Devils. It's just as well that the Cyberman stayed in the south-west; if he had travelled to the North, he might have run into a 10-foot Dalek at an art gallery in Preston, Lancashire. TheLancashire Evening Post covers the art exhibit, which also features a giant TARDIS.

And finally, Luton Today has a story about a supposed Billie Piper look-alike. Slow news day?

Miscellaneous Stories

Digital Spy has culled some Catherine Tate quotes about The Runaway Bride from the Radio Times articles. Tate says that keeping the secret of her surprise appearance at the end of Series 2 was "like being a spy."

The Western Mail expects Doctor Who to be at the top of the Christmas television ratings again this year. The same paper also has a story about the eBay auction of a Torchwood script signed by writer Helen Raynor and theTorchwood cast, previously mentioned on this page; the auction is raising money for Cardiff and District Samaritans.

Metro has a short blurb about former EastEnders star Joseph Millson's appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures: he is playing the single father of one of the young characters.

Writing in the Sunday TimesFiona McCabe questions David Tennant's "Favourite Doctor" victory over Tom Baker in Doctor Who Magazine, guessing that it was because most of the voters "are 12 years old and think Christopher Eccleston was the original doctor." (The actual magazine points out that Tennant came second to Baker among voters over 30.)

Unusual Blog Mentions

There are plenty of Doctor Who blogs out there, but it's interesting when blogs whose subject matter is farther afield make a Who reference. For example, the graphic design blog Noisy Decent Graphics discusses a recent trip to the Cardiff School of Art and Design, which included a presentation by Edward Thomas and the Torchwood design team.

A slightly more bizarre Torchwood reference shows up at eggbaconchipsandbeans, a blog about cafes and the food they serve, written by Russell Davies -- not Doctor Who's own Russell T. Davies, this Russell Davies. He's clearly aware of his namesake's work, though, and describes one plate which includes "an extra dark brown dollop of sauce which looks slightly like a proto alien from Torchwood, something that's just an interstellar blob at the moment but which the special effects folk will soon transform into something sinister."

Across the pond, the American environmental blog Seeing the Forest writes: "Your GOVERNMENT spending tax dollars to "debunk" global warming "alarmism." ... The press release reads like a parallel universe of a weird cult. My wife says it's like Dr. Who, and you travel in the Tardis and arrive in America in 2006 in December, but everything is strange. Some alien force is in control of things. ... We need the Doctor."

From environmentalist voices for the wilderness to the original voice in the wilderness: Solomon, I Have Surpassed Thee, a blog written by the administrator of Westminster Cathedral, makes a somewhat odd transition from watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa to John the Baptist.

Finally, this is partly a Doctor Who blog, but it's made a noteworthy observation: Exigency in Specie notes thatMurray Gold's Doctor Who soundtrack album has been at the top of the UK iTunes Music Store's charts this week.

(Additional material by Kenny Davidson; thanks to "Superted" of the Outpost Gallifrey forum.)