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3/02/2006 01:41:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

March 2, 2006 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
BBC Audiobooks have issued a press release for The Dalek Conquests, a new CD release that we first reported on in December. The release is attached below and the cover illustration for the release is at right; click on the thumbnail image for a larger version.
The Dalek Conquests
Exterminate... The Daleks invade BBC Audiobooks!

In an exclusive double CD feature, Nicholas Briggs – the voice of all the Daleks in the Doctor Who TV series – traces the history of the Doctor’s deadly enemies.

Packed with extracts from their many TV appearances, The Dalek Conquests covers every encounter the Doctor has had with his nemeses, from their very first meeting on Skaro to their battle at the end of the 2005 series. It also discovers where the Daleks come from, why they are bent on universal domination, and who was behind their original creation.

Commissioning Editor Michael Stevens said: "This is the perfect way for fans new and old to uncover the fictional history of the Doctor and the Daleks. Since 1963 they've been encountering one another on our screens and it's great fun to have that story told as one long saga. Nicholas came to our studios to record his linking material in December (pictured below). Hearing him recreate the authentic Dalek sound was spine-chilling."

The Dalek Conquests is scheduled for release on 1 May 2006.