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11/22/2005 09:24:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 22, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
The Doctor Who Series One Boxed Set is now in release... and there are a few reported issues with it including an authoring fault, as the episode "World War Three" is cut by several minutes while watching in the episodic mode. (A fix: it plays fine in "Play All" mode so you can skip forward to the episode start; it's only when it plays episodically that part of it is cut out.) Additionally, there are several music changes including 'classic' series music removed from one of the trailers, and the longer music cue in "Rose" (the Doctor and Rose walking back toward the TARDIS) on the 'vanilla' disc but not on the transmitted version.
UPDATE: There is word that the BBC will be replacing the faulty discs; details are forthcoming!
The official site has a brief story about the release. Meanwhile, Times Online reviews the boxed set. "Your £70 buys irresistibly cheesy Tardis packaging and five hours’ worth of extras, including cast-and-crew commentaries, the complete Dr Who Confidential, Davies’s wry video diary, featurettes on the special effects, and On Set with Billie (steady...). Travelling back a few months, the most revealing item is Eccleston’s interview for BBC Breakfast: watch his eyes as he squirms his way round the issue of long-term commitment, explaining that he’s done 13 episodes — '45 minutes, not half an hour' — and that’s really two series, and... Whatever, he’ll be missed. Four stars. Matthew Davis'. Another review inDVD Times says that 'Video-wise, the print appears to be identical to the previous bare-bones releases and it’s exceptionally clear at that... The sound quality - primarily presented in 5.1 Surround Sound - is also excellent, every nuance of Christopher Eccleston’s accent can be heard with crystal clarity... The one reason most fans will be buying this boxset is, of course, for the slew of extras. Spread over five discs, the extras comprise of the complete collection of trailers, storyboards, several video diaries and numerous 'making of' featurettes... Aside from this there is also an exclusive look at the special featurette containing behind the scenes footage of The Christmas Invasion which is sure to fascinate any fan counting down the days until David Tennant's first proper episode as the Tenth Doctor. ... Some of the video diaries are a little drawn out and repetitive in places." As previously reported, SFX Magazine has a feature on the DVD extras now on their website. Also, Restoration Team member Paul Vanezis interviewed by the online UK DVD Review podcast/magazine available here.