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10/26/2005 01:32:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

October 26, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Billie Piper, at the National Television Awards, made a few comments about the Christmas special coming up in December, as reported in today's Media Guardian. While a bit innocuous, they're nevertheless enclosed in the spoiler tag below.
Also, several media outlets, including ITV's This Morning and Radio Forth, have reported another casting for this season:Tracey Ann Oberman, who plays Chrissie in EastEnders. According to Radio Forth, "She won't reveal whether she's a goodie or a baddie, but says she can't wait to work with David Tennant. Chrissie's just filmed her last scenes in Albert Square and will leave our screens next month." (Thanks to Paul Hayes, Luke McCullough, Peter McCleary, Neil Marsh)
From Media Guardian:
Piper, who won the best actress prize, one of three gongs for Doctor Who, was rather more forthcoming on other topics, not least the eagerly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas special. Fans who really don't want to know anything about the festive episode at all, should probably look away now. I said look away now. "It's got scary Christmas trees, Santa attacks, there's an invasion, and the Doctor stays in bed for a long, long time. I am carrying most of the show." Monkey's set the Sky+ already. As for her new co-star, Piper said the new Doctor Who, David Tennant, was a "lot lighter on his feet" than Eccleston. "He is a bit more child like and dances around a lot. I'm sure you will like him." You never know, if the second series gets nominated for an award, Tennant might even turn up.