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9/29/2005 10:02:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

September 29, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The following is a ratings chart for BBC Three Summer 2005 repeats, as known:
Sunday 17 July7.00pmRose165,3001.5%
Sunday 17 July7.45pmConfidential Cut Down 1141,5001.2%
Friday 22 July9.00pmRose139,9001.0%
Friday 22 July9.45pmConfidential Cut Down 1132,3000.9%
Sunday 24 July7.00pmThe End of the World162,0001.2%
Friday 29 July9.00pmThe End of the World151,5001.0%
Sunday 31 July7.00pmThe Unquiet Dead227,0001.8%
Friday 5 August9.00pmThe Unquiet Dead89,5000.6%
Sunday 7 August7.00pmAliens of London215,2001.8%
Friday 12 August9.00pmAliens of London101,3000.7%
Sunday 14 August7.00pmWorld War Three226,3001.7%
Friday 19 August9.00pmWorld War Three200,2001.4%
Sunday 21 August7.00pmDalek201,5001.7%
Friday 26 August9.00pmDalek132,6000.9%
Sunday 28 August7.00pmThe Long Game129,2001.1%
Friday 2 September9.00pmThe Long Game150,6001.0%
Sunday 4 September7.00pmFatherÆs Day190,6001.4%
Friday 9 September9.00pmFatherÆs Day263,8001.8%
Sunday 11 September7.30pmThe Empty Child196,5001.3%
Sunday 11 September8.15pmThe Doctor Dances284,9001.7%
Friday 16 September9.00pmThe Empty Child132,9000.9%
Sunday 18 September7.30pmBoom Town252,6001.6%
Sunday 18 September8.15pmBad Wolf275,0001.7%
Friday 23 September9.00pmThe Doctor Dances211,5001.4%
Sunday 25 September7.00pmThe Parting of the Ways216,9001.5%

These figures continue to put the repeats outside the BBC Three top 10 for each week, but are probably high enough to keep Doctor Who in the channelÆs top 20. (BBC ThreeÆs Top 10, dominated by EastEnders, Little Britain and Nighty Night at the moment, is getting between 300,000 and 700,000 viewers.) No figures are available for the various Confidential repeats, aside from the first one. (Thanks to Steve Tribe)