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8/19/2005 12:49:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 19, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
There's a reason why there haven't been any new set photos the past week... the production spent a week filming at Clearwell Caves, finishing on Monday this past week, and have now gone back to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, where they filmed last year's episode "Dalek". "The set is dressed up like a 'James Bond style' office with posh chairs and tables," says our correspondent Ian Golden. "A video screen is showing a loop of a satellite broadcast of the Earth and there is a big Union Jack in one corner... There's loads of extras, all dressed in black riot gear. No David or Billie today but maybe tomorrow - they are there until the end of Thursday. Doctor Who: Confidential was filming there today as well." The production is now said to be returning to the studios in Newport for indoor filming, as they are filming three episodes simultaneously: the Christmas special, episode 1 and episode 3.
And speaking of "The Christmas Invasion," Outpost Gallifrey has learned that 26 December may indeed be the current date being mulled for transmission of the special (that would be Boxing Day in the UK) but that nothing has been completely finalised yet.