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8/24/2005 12:47:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 24, 2005 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Overnight ratings figures are in for the current run of repeat showings of the new series on BBC Three:

Rose (17 July) 165,300 1.5% share
Rose (22 July) 139,900 1% share
The End of the World (24 July) 162,000 1.2% share
The End of the World (29 July) 151,500 1.0% share
The Unquiet Dead (31 July) 227,000 1.8% share
The Unquiet Dead (5 August) 89,500 0.6% share
Aliens of London (7 August) 215,200 1.8% share
Aliens of London (12 August) 101,300 0.7% share
World War Three (14 August) 226,300 1.7% share
World War Three (19 August) 200,200 1.4% share

While these figures don't put the repeats in BBC Three's Top Ten (currently reaching 250,000-400,000 viewers), they are comparable to what the channel has achieved with other programmes in the Friday 9pm timeslot (about 140,000), and a marked improvement on the 78,000 achieved by T in the Park on 10 July, the Sunday before the repeats started. The Doctor Who repeats are also achieving a similar or slightly improved audience share to other BBC Three output in those slots. (Thanks to Nick Salmond, Steve Tribe)