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3/04/2005 12:40:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

March 4, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reports that "the exact date of transmission can't yet be confirmed - schedules can change up to a fortnight in advance - [but] it is still likely that the new series will begin transmission on Saturday 26 March." Both the BBC and BBC Worldwide are said to be "gearing up for a major launch of the show this Spring." This includes UK press screenings in early March, probably Tuesday 8 March, "which will coincide with the start of major television advertising campaign", with photographs and interviews following in UK newspapers and magazines. There may be a specially written television trailer, as well as radio trailers and a nationwide poster campaign. ChildrenÆs BBC will run "special behind-the-scenes reports" on both Newsround and Blue Peter.

Joe Ahearne has been confirmed as the director of episode 11, which bears the confirmed title "Boom Town"according to DWM, confirming Outpost Gallifrey's report last month that Ahearne had signed on to the additional episode. Episode 11 is therefore no longer a separate block from 12 and 13, as "it made sense for Joe to cover the whole thing", according to producer Phil Collinson. The magazine also confirms "The Doctor Dances" as the title of episode 10, again confirming the reports made online some time ago.

Regarding casting, some new updates: Episode 10 has Vilma Hollingberry as Mrs Harcourt. Episode 11 includes Aled Pedick as Idris and Will Thomas (previously seen on television in Belonging) as Mr Cleaver. Episodes 12 and 13 starPaterson Joseph as Rodrick, who apparently "shares some very unusual scenes with Rose Tylerà but will he live to tell the tale?" The same story includes Jamie Bradley as Strood and Abi Eniola as Crosbie, with Sebastian Armesto, Kate Loustau, Dominic Burgess and Karren Winchester in unconfirmed roles. Episode 13, The Parting of the Ways, also sees the return of Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith.

The issue gives details for Episodes 4 to 7 of Doctor Who Confidential, which match the information given on the SFX site and reported here last week. One small additional detail is that Episode 5, Life on Earth, as well as looking at the DoctorÆs links to Earth, also "examines the new seriesÆ first cliffhangerà" See also the BBC website news below. There's also a foretaste from James Goss of the changes coming to the official website, a "teaser version" of which will launch in early March, with the full site beginning "with the first episode". The site will include "an astonishing amount of video û including 30 short films about the making of the showà WeÆre looking at clearing Doctor Who Confidential as well." There will also be broadband clips from the original run, desktop wallpapers, screensavers, sound files, hundreds of behind-the-scenes pictures, including "design sketches and photostories showingà how the TARDIS was built" and "some great games û including one where you get to drive a Dalek and anotherà how Monopoly would be if it were set in space, had tentacles, big weapons and a sense of humour. Some of itÆs written by Gareth Roberts". Also promised: "Some surprises".

There is a competition open to readers of DWM to see one of three exclusive preview screenings of the first episode on Monday 21 March in London. Entrants need to fill in a form on page 7 of the magazine and send it in; subscribers can e-mail their entries, giving their subscription numbers. The closing date and draw is on Wednesday 16 March. And the next issue, DWM 355à will include previews of The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead and Aliens of London, a set report on Rose, an interview with Simon Callow and behind-the-scenes on the creation of the TARDIS. ItÆs published on Thursday 31 March.

For further information on all of this, plus several exclusive interviews and all the regular features, pick up DWM 354 now on sale!