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1/14/2005 10:44:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 14, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
A few spoilers from the new series that we believe to be very accurate are circulating on several Doctor Who mailing lists and in magazines now. Click on the spoiler tag to read the information... but don't do it if you want to be surprised!
We have learned that all thirteen episodes of the first season will have their own titles, and not "part one / part two" tags. The working title for episode 5 (the second half of the "Aliens of London" segment) may be 10 Downing Street, while the title for episode 10 (the second half of the two-part story by Steven Moffat beginning with "The Empty Child") is likely The Doctor Dances.

As previously known, "The Empty Child," and its second chapter, are set during World War II and features John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, who it is reported is actually a time traveler from the far future... and the story may feature a virus that turns people into gas-mask wearing zombies. Jack may also join the TARDIS crew, as previously rumored.

Yesterday (January 13) was the last day of filming at Cardiff's Royal Infirmary. "A security guard last night confirmed that it is Doctor Who, and that filming had finished for the day - Chris & Billie had already left. They should be there today from 8 am till 10pm. Don't know if it's interior or exterior," said correspondent Alex Willcox. Also, it has been noted by several people in our forums that that the building has been mocked-up as "Albion Hospital" again, so it does suggest the same story as had been filmed early on, or possibly in a different time period (possibly during "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances"). (We do know that pick-up and additional shots are being carried out for earlier episodes, as the shows are not being filmed in sequence.)

The new edition of Starburst magazine features shots of a wedding from 1986 attended by Rose's parents (along with a young Rose), the TARDIS in a side street and a green car which it says may be the one that kills Rose's father. Also shots of the Doctor and Rose together and the Doctor on his own looking sad. These are from episode 8, which is apparently a time travel story: Rose's father is killed in a car accident and Rose is unable to save him. (We've also been told that the topiary swans featured on the BBC Who Spy site seem to be the ones outside the church.)

A new series press "junket" (or invited press session) for interviews and photos took place earlier this week; expect to see reports from that coming out very soon, possibly even in the next week. (Thanks to Barry Piggott, Alex Willcox, Nathan "Obstreperous", Glen Hudgins)