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1/14/2005 10:45:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

January 14, 2005  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The BBC Shop has posted details of two BBC Worldwide releases coming soon... the UK release of The Claws of Axos, due out May 9, 2005, featuring the press release and several extras notes; and the audio CD Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks, the audio recording of William Russell (Ian) reading the classic story novelization, for which a small thumbnail of the cover is provided. More details on each below. (Thanks to Ross Meresman, Steve Tribe)
The Claws of Axos DVD

An approaching Alien spaceship is detected on monitoring equipment at UNIT HQ, where the Brigadier is entertaining two visitors - Chinn, a civil servant making a security inspection, and Bill Filer, an American agent sent to discuss the threat of the Master. The Ship lands in England and the UNIT team, joined by Hardiman and Winser from the nearby Nuton power station, meet its occupants: beautiful golden-skinned humanoids called Axons.

The Axons claim that their ship, Axos, is damaged and that they need time in which to repair it. In return, they offer Axonite, a substance that can cause animals to grow to enormous sizes and thus end food shortages. The Doctor is suspicious, and rightly so: Axos, Axonite and the Axons - whose true appearance is hideous - are all part of a single parasitic entity brought to Earth by the Master to feed on the planet's energy. The Doctor manages to materialise his TARDIS, with the Master on board, at the centre of Axos. He offers to link the two ships together to make one giant time machine, on condition that Axos in return helps him to take revenge on the Time Lords for exiling him to earth. This is merely a trick, however, and Axos is locked in a time loop from which it can never escape. The Doctor returns to Earth in theTARDIS, where he reluctantly admits to the Brigadier that the Master may also have escaped.

Extras: Commentary track; photo gallery; production subtitles; outtakes/deleted scenes; "Now and Then" featurette about the Dungeoness location Interview with Michael Ferguson (director); and Reverse Standards Conversion featurette. Due May 9, 2005. ID #: BBCDVD1354.

Doctor Who In An Exciting Adventure With The Daleks
Read by William Russell

This is Doctor Who's first exciting adventure with the Daleks! Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright travel with the mysterious Doctor Who and his granddaughter, Susan, to the planet Skaro in the space-time machine, the TARDIS. There they strive to save the peace-loving Thals from the evil intentions of the hideous Daleks!

'Doctor Who and the Daleks' is the classic novelisation of the Doctor's first TV encounter with the Daleks. Written by the programme's original story editor, David Whitaker, it is narrated by the character of Ian Chesterton, one of the first ever TARDIS companions.

Now, in an exclusive recording, the actor who played Ian on television û William Russell û reads the complete and unabridged novelisation. This MP3-CD disc will be enhanced with on-screen illustrations from the book, for PC and Mac users. Due March 7, 2005; ISBN # 0563527293.