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12/05/2004 05:49:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

December 5, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
December 1's icWales published an interview with Noel Clarke (Mickey), called "This time it is Auf Wiedersehen" discussing the end of that series (which Clarke stars in as Wyman) and his next job, the new Doctor Who series. "It seems to be that whenever they're rehashing a show from 20 years ago, I get a call!" he tells icWales. "Actually, I wish it was like that because I'm sure there'll be more old stuff coming up. ... I watched both of the series when I was young and to grow up and then be in them is really rare. It's fun and just what you imagine it would be like, especially with Dr Who. When I was little I dreamed about running from monsters and Daleks and 20 years later here I am doing just that. I got really excited when I went inside the Tardis for the first time." He notes that his relationship with Rose (Billie Piper) will be "a Ross and Rachel thing. You want them to get together but you're not sure if they're going to." (Thanks to Paul Engelberg)

Billie Piper (Rose) was interviewed for the January issue of the "Marie Claire" women's fashion magazine. "My Life After Chris - Her first Interview since the split" is the title of the article, in which she talks about her life and relationship, auditioning for parts, why she wanted to begin acting... and then the interview turns to Doctor Who. When asked what it's like working with Eccleston: "He's so brilliant. What a top bloke." Piper is told that lot of actresses must have wanted the job of Doctor Who's assistant: "Yeah, apparently they saw a sh*tload of people and then, I don't know, it just worked straight away, it really did." About the unspoken sexual frisson between the characters of Doctor Who and his assistant: "Yeah ... absolutely. I think in the past, though, it's been played differently to how it's being played now. The great thing about this Doctor Who is that as much as it's sci-fi, it's so much about the Doctor's and Rose's dynamic and their journey and about educating each other. About him expanding and challenging her ideas and, you know, just showing her stuff that she would have never seen. And it's her teaching him to be more human and be sympathetic towards things. So they're kind of like a good friendship or a good marriage or whatever. Of course, you desperately want them to get together." The interview then continues on about her time with Chris Evans and her new found singleness, along with photos. (Thanks to Danny Lamb)

New series guest star Simon Callow was on The Frank Skinner Show on ITV1 on December 2 talking about Phantom of the Opera and the new series of Doctor Who. He said that Doctor Who fans were "weird" and that he was aware that "once you're in the series you're part of Doctor Who forever." He claimed that fans would turn up during the filming in Cardiff at 3am dressed in Doctor Who costumes amid the paparazzi who were climbing on things to take pictures (though we know that the only people in costume were actually working on the series!) Callow noted that his character Charles Dickens "teams up with the Doctor to save the Earth from alien infestation." (Thanks to Gavin Rymill)

Outpost Gallifrey has seen several articles noting that BBC employees have been "inundated" with death threats from crazed Doctor Who fans who are making changes to their beloved series. Fear not - these are actually massively overhyped tabloid articles based on rumors and hyperbole (including comments picked up right on our very own forums!) These same papers are reporting that Billie Piper has a new "boyfriend". The lack of journalistic credibility and integrity on the part of these reporters stuns us. (That's sarcasm! - Ed.)