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11/01/2004 07:39:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 1, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Telos Publishing has announced it is reprinting the popular The Television Companion: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who, as noted in the press release below.
Due to demand from America, we have reprinted the limited edition hardcover of our book THE TELEVISION COMPANION: THE UNOFFICIAL AND UNAUTHORISED GUIDE TO DOCTOR WHO.

The majority of the new hardcovers are being sent to fulfil outstanding orders in America, but we have retained a small number of copies as we felt that some of our customers might like to get their hands on a copy, especially if they missed out on the first edition when that was published in 2003.

The new edition has a silver foil stamp on the cover (rather than gold), does not contain a ribbon bookmark, and is a signed (by David J Howe and Stephen James Walker) and numbered limited edition of 150 copies (the signature sheet also states that this is a second edition).

We have reopened the online ordering option on the Telos site for the title, but as we only have 25 or so copies available direct from us, these will be sent in strictly first come first served order. It's possible we may end up taking too many orders, and in this event, monies will be refunded to the credit cards of those over and above the number we have, always assuming of course that we don't remove the option from the site in time.

So act quickly, and secure one of these limited hardcover editions for yourself.