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11/04/2004 07:33:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 4, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Issue #350 of Doctor Who Magazine has again reached subscribers early (over a week) and will shortly be available on newsstands. Here's a preview of what to expect; click on the thumbnail cover for a larger version.

One note, though, from DWM Assistant Editor Tom Spilsbury: "A few subscribers have alerted us to the fact that their subscription copy of DWM 350 has arrived with pages 11-18 and 35-42 missing, and 3-10 and 43-50 duplicated in their place. Fortunately this problem doesn't appear to be very widespread (touch wood!), and most other subscribers I have checked with seem to have a copy without the problem. All the copies we have had in the office seem to be fine, so if you are one of the people who are affected, could you please send us your copy and we will replace it for you ASAP. The address to send them to is, of course: Doctor Who Magazine, Panini House, Coach and Horses Passage, The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5UJ. Hope this doesn't spoil the anniversary celebrations too much!" (Thanks to Tom Spilsbury/DWM)
Join the birthday celebrations with issue 350 of Doctor Who Magazine!

In this feature-packed issue, Steven Moffat tells us about how he's coped writing for the new TV series in an exclusive interview: "When you sit down to write Doctor Who for television, you realise 'This is it!' I spent my first two weeks on the script writing about three pages and generally freaking out, thinking 'No, it's not a pastiche of Doctor Who, it's not a comment on Doctor Who ... it is Doctor Who!'"

Meanwhile, there's tons more new series coverage - We get the latest from the Doctor Who production team, as they answer readers' questions in a Matrix Data-Bank special; Gallifrey Guardian pages reveal 17 new cast members, and reports on all the latest news from the Doctor Who set; And, of course, Russell T Davies gives us a few more hints about next year's series in another of his unmissable Production Notes!

Plus - there's all of this ... We've invited some old friends back to celebrate our birthday, so check out all-new special editions of Fluid Links, The Life and Times of Jackie Jenkins, It's the End But... and UNIT Hotline! Meanwhile Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett return with a brand new 'Doctor Who?' cartoon, while Leighton Noyes is back with a new one-off 'Doctor Oho'! And on top of all that, Sorvad returns from the Dark Places of the Inside to choose the best readers' letters of all time in Who Cares!

Our feature on the 25-year history of Doctor Who Magazine brings us up to the present day, in the final part of Happy Times and Places?. Find out about trips to Vancouver, newsagents that bite back, and something about a new TV series ...

The Fact of Fiction spotlights the story that was on television 25 years ago, when issue 1 first appeared - the Tom Baker classic, City of Death! How marvellous!

Our comic strip adventure continues with Part 5 of The Flood - and it's a special nine-page instalment! Will human spirit be able to triumph over the might of the Cybermen?

And all of that's before we even mention the special digitally-restored copy of issue 1 that comes FREE with every copy! (But no transfers, sorry.) You'd be mad to miss this one! DWM 350 goes on sale in newsagents from Thursday 11 November 2004.