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11/01/2004 07:40:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

November 1, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
As is now well known across Doctor Who fandom, the Daleks are soon to return in the new series... and it appears that photos of the new Daleks have started to leak onto the Internet. Outpost Gallifrey has obtained these two photos, likely the new series Dalek designs (click on each for a larger version) while Monday's edition of the Sun features an articleabout their return, including the usual silly comments about Doctor Who "anoraks" studying the differences from the original version. We'll keep watch to see if these photos are completely legitimate, and if there are any additional pics to be had.

Meanwhile, various reports across the Internet from over the weekend appear to confirm that the Daleks will fly in the new series. "Levitate!" says the Daily Record, which notes that "Dr Who's mortal enemies - with the fearsome cry of exterminate - can fly. ... A BBC insider confirmed they can now fly. He said: 'The Daleks were always the Doctor's scariest enemy - but now they can exterminate from mid-air. The doctor will have his work cut out dealing with flying Daleks.'" Outpost Gallifrey is aware that filming of episode 6 has begun, and it is heavily rumored that this is the episode that the Daleks will first appear in. You can browse these various news reports here: Daily RecordTelegraphThe SunThe Mirror and icWales, among others. (Thanks to Fiona Moore, Roger Anderson, Paul Engelberg, Steve Tribe)