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10/06/2004 04:27:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

October 6, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Amazon.co.uk has printed a synopsis of the forthcoming BBC Books novel The Indestructible Man by Simon Messingham, a Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe novel due in November. As Amazon usually has the full retailers' blurb which can include plot points, we've enclosed in spoiler protection below; click on the spoiler tag to read it. (Thanks to John Putland)
Thirty years ago, the Earth was covertly attacked by the alien Myloki who brainwashed humans and seeded them into Earth society as terrorists and assassins. Earth governments pooled their resources and financed Operation PRISM to fight and win the secret war against the Myloki. Now the successor to PRISM, the SILHOUETTE organisation, runs a series of Early Warning devices in space, should the dreaded Myloki return. But the financial burden of the war has caused global financial meltdown and Earth stands on the brink of anarchy. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover the war was in fact faked by a corrupt Earth dictatorship that has turned the planet into a tightly controlled utopia. Drugs keep the population under strict and docile control. Humanity is reduced to little more than work units. With the help of war hero Captain Grant Matthews, a PRISM agent accidentally made indestructible during the war, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe gradually discover the truth but in doing so they face the opposition of a whole planet.