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10/05/2004 04:28:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

October 5, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
We've now gotten the regular image of the cover for issue #349 of Doctor Who Magazine, which as we reported yesterday was received by subscribers almost two weeks early due to a rapid turn-around at the magazine's printers. Among the items in the issue are interviews with new series director Joe Ahearne, writer Rob Shearman and producer Phil Collinson, a feature on the Doctor Who radio dramas, and much more; pick up the issue when it comes out on your local newsstand. Click on the cover thumbnail at right, meanwhile, for a larger version of the cover.

Also, in the issue is a note about issue #350, which celebrates 25 years of the magazine in print. "So as well as the concluding instalment of our DWM history feature Happy Times and Places? to chew over," says the preview, "we also present a FREE digitally restored reprint of the magazine that started it all back in 1979 - Doctor Who Weekly issue 1! PLUS! We've invited some old friends back to celebrate, so there's a chance to enjoy all new special editions of Fluid Links, The Life and Times of Jackie Jenkins, It's the end, but... and UNIT hotline, a new Doctor Who? strip from Quinn and Howett and the return of Leighton Noye's Doctor Oho! On top of that Sorvad will be choosing the best letters of all time in Who cares? and the BBC Wales production team will be answering your queries in a Matrix Data Bank special! NOT TO MENTION...We turn the clock back to the serial that was being screened when DWW first appeared as The Fact Of Fiction investigates the City Of Death! New series scribe Steven Moffat tells us how his episodes are coming along! More intrigung Production Notes from RTD! An extended does of comic strip action in a special 9-page instalment of The Flood! Plus all the latest news from the Doctor Who set and the best previews and reviews...Don't you dare miss it." (Thanks to Tom Spilsbury, Steve Tribe, Simon Hogarth)