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8/10/2004 12:53:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 10, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
The new series is mentioned in WM, the weekly womens' section of the "Western Mail". On page 13, in a column that lists what the editors think is
currently cool and not so cool, the new series currently heads the "Tomorrow's World" cool section with the following item: "Dr. Who: Midnight filming all over Cardiff, snatched sightings of Billie Piper and Christopher Ecclestone ... ooh, the excitement of the new BBC Wales series. We can't wait for the first episode..." (Thanks to John Campbell Rees)

The Western Morning News on August 9 ran an article, "Popular Daleks escape Dr Who extermination" which focuses more on reactions to the reports of Daleks appearing. It quotes fan John Swithinbank from Seaton, a Dalek model owner: "I'm over the moon, really. I have missed them in a way - for years they have been part of my life. I have been interested in them since I was eight years old." But, he says, "They can't just give us a taste of the Daleks and that be that. It's got to be interesting to see what sort of form they will take - whether they will be made to look like the ones in the old series or whether they will be more high-tech. It's a good opportunity really to bring the Daleks into the modern age, by making them able to fly or something. Anything to step them up from rolling along on casters!"

An edition of this weekend's Daily Sport featured a full page color cover photo of Billie Piper in the buff, or nearly... apparently recycling older paparazzi photos. The story mentions that she and husband Chris Evans "are currently on holiday in the Seychelles," which is either noting a brief break in her filming, or a trip they took in January (according to the Daily Record.) And lest we think Doctor Who isn't back in the public eye, the title of the story is "Dr. Who Babe Sunbathes Topless".