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6/18/2004 12:55:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

June 18, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
A couple of brief press mentions (thanks to Steve Tribe, Rich Kirkpatrick & Paul Engelberg, among others)

Over the past few days we've received numerous emails and heard various pieces of gossip alleging that Christopher Eccleston may have quit the new series production. Indeed, several of our readers have picked up on this on anotherwebsite (Sci-Fi Online). Though some of the rumors of the past couple of days have come from quite reliable sources, we think it's a bad rumor gone wild, and at this point Outpost Gallifrey has heard nothing to indicate that this might be true and would like to assure our readers that we'll report this if and when we see anything official.

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society's newest edition of "Celestial Toyroom" (#316) has a note from Christopher Eccleston to the DWAS readership. "I won't be giving interviews on Doctor Who until I've got something to brag about," Eccleston writes. "But here's a quote: I'm very excited to be the ninth Doctor Who, I want to honour its past but also bring something new, I look forward to the reaction of your readers/members."

Writer Steven Moffat says he is "a little embarrassed" that the new series has already picked up its first award even before filming has begun. "Even before a single frame has been shot, we have already picked up an award for Best New Hope from a science fiction magazine. I did feel slightly embarrassed about receiving it." Moffat, meanwhile, told the Paisley Daily Express on June 14, "I was well known in TV circles as a Dr Who fan and I'd always made it known that I'd like a go at writing it if the opportunity arose. ... Doing this, I think, ends your position of being a fan."

North Carolina's Winston-Salem Journal featured a Q&A article about the new show, in response to a question if PBS would be carrying the series. The answers are quite familiar... being as though they were taken from the Outpost Gallifrey new series FAQ (with all due credit given in the article!)