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6/02/2004 01:09:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

June 2, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Award-winning comics artist Bryan Hitch, the man behind titles such as The Authority and The Ultimates and winner of last yearÆs SFX Reader Award for Best Comic Book, is the concept artist for the new series. Says Russell T Davies, "This is entirely thanks to SFX. The Head of Drama at the BBC had talked about getting a concept artist right from the start, so we were already beginning to think about it. Then out of the blue Nick Setchfield at SFX got in touch, saying that Bryan Hitch had heard about the new series of Doctor Who and wanted to help. Now, IÆm an old comics fan... and I couldnÆt believe this was the Bryan Hitch. IÆve got the Ultimates collection, and that beautiful hardback of The Authority. ItÆs just brilliant... I showed Julie and Phil [producers Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson] the comics, they went mental, we summoned the Hitch, and here we are... Now Bryan can give us concepts and wild ideas to spark us off in new directions. Thank you SFX, itÆs really appreciated!ö Hitch will be in charge of the signature look of the new series, working alongside production designer Edward Thomas; the two will develop the TARDIS interior, new aliens and technology for the series. Hitch's previous Doctor Who work was a one-issue comic strip in DWM 139 and the cover for Mad Norwegian's "I, Who 2". More details are in the new SFX, due out June 9. (Thanks to SFX Magazine)