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5/17/2004 01:53:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

May 17, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
A few press mentions, with thanks to Paul Engelberg, Steve Tribe, Ed Stradling and Andrew Foxley:

The town of Penarth could soon be the new home of the Doctor, according to the This is Penarth website. New Doctor Christopher Eccleston has "been spotted property shopping in the town. The acclaimed star, who is taking on the title role of the cult science fiction television series, was seen looking at exclusive homes at Penarth Marina on Saturday." The article states that "it is understood that most of the shooting will be done around Wales, co-ordinated in BBC Llandaff, and it is known that the BBC has a policy for housing their actors close to the place of filming."

A May 9 article in the Sunday Times discusses the new season of "Coupling" and writer Steven Moffat, who's penning two episodes of the forthcoming Doctor Who series. "Not that Moffat need worry about returning to America for work," says the article. "He has other projects to keep him busy, like working on the new Doctor Who, for instance. He says it will be much like it always was but with more laughs and less shaky walls. 'There's no point in doing it if it isn't the same, so it will be the way you remember it when you were 11 -though I'm not sure if Bacofoil will take over the world,' says Moffat." The article mentions he'd written a Dalek into episode two of "Coupling" before he was offered the Doctor Who job (Oliver runs a sci-fi book shop).

Keith Aitken's editorial in the May 6 Express on the Daleks in the new series is called "BBC is Right to Pay Up." Says the article, "Can't share, I'm afraid, in the hoo-hah over the Beeb shelling out a quarter of a million to the estate of Terry Nation for the right to revive his brilliant creation, the Daleks, in its new version of Doctor Who. The BBC knows it wouldn't be Doctor Who without Daleks. That's the measure of Nation's genius in rising above his budget to create a monster that, uniquely, didn't look like an actor in a rubber suit, and which is still the scariest sci-fi baddie of all."

Empire Online has this bit about the Daleks on their website: "Daleks Can Fly? We know it's not film, but it is intriguing. There are reports that the Daleks, set to return in the new Doctor Who series, will have acquired some new abilities, including the ability to fly. While we are having rather confused visions of flying dustbins as a result, this would put paid to the Dalek's central weakness: namely, that one could generally escape them by running upstairs."