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4/28/2004 02:27:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Twin developments will occur in the next year that will formally mark the end of the era of the Eighth Doctor (as played by Paul McGann) as the "current" Doctor, although it won't mark the end of his appearances. According to the latest issue of DWM,Big Finish will be releasing one final "season" of McGann audios from September through December of this year (possibly bumping the previously announced "Dead Man's Hand" to early 2005), which will tie up the current story arc (the Divergent universe)... and which will conclude with a special three-disc release (a la "Zagreus") in December. Individual stories starring Paul McGann will then become part of the monthly rotation like the other three Doctors as of 2005. Meanwhile, BBC Books will feature one final 'official' book from the Eighth Doctor Adventures series -- written by Lance Parkin ("The Infinity Doctors"), according to a post of Parkin's on the Jade Pagoda mailing list. After this, the Eighth Doctor will become part of the monthly book series like the other seven Doctors, which is expected to continue unabated into 2005 and beyond. (Thanks to DWM, Lance Parkin)