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4/28/2004 02:25:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Big Finish have announced details of their upcoming releases through next March 2005 in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. As noted in a news item earlier today, the final 'season' of stories featuring Paul McGann as the 'current' Doctor begins in September, with India Fisher as Charley, Conrad Westmaas as C'Rizz, and Stephen Perring as the Kro'ka. The four-story arc begins with September's Faith Stealer by Graham Duff, then continues with October's The Last by Gary Hopkins, November's Caerdroia by popular BBC Books author Lloyd Rose ("City of the Dead," "Camera Obscura") and concludes with a three-CD story by Alan Barnes tentatively entitled Rassilon. January 2005 will see Game Time by Darin Henry, a Fifth Doctor serial with companions unknown, followed in February 2005 by The Juggernauts by Scott Alan Woodard, featuring the Sixth Doctor and Mel with Terry Molloy reprising the role of Davros, plus the Daleks and the Mechanoids; and March 2005 sees the release of Dead Man's Hand by John Ostrander, featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex, in a story previously announced for release this coming September but delayed due to the McGann stories.

Additionally, Big Finish has announced their next mini-series, a four disc UNIT series that runs from December to next March, produced by Ian Farrington; the writers and casting is currently unconfirmed (although we're sure you're likely to see Nicholas Courtney in there somewhere!) The Unbounds will continue with a special one-shot two-CD Unbound release this November produced by John Ainsworth; as previously reported, it'll be a sequel to one of the original Unbound audios with the return of that Unbound star. And DWM will also run a single-disc Seventh Doctor story as they've done in the past, possibly next January; the author and story are as yet unconfirmed. Producer Gary Russell also wants Christopher Eccleston to hopefully do one someday (who wouldn't?) but says it's time to let him get settled into the role first! For all these and other details pick up the new issue of DWM on sale this week.