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3/13/2004 12:32:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

March 13, 2004  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
An article about the new series appeared in the March 13 issue of the Western Mail (on page 13), a Welsh publication. The article, written by Sara Naylor, is a brief introduction to the new series; it begins by highlighting the fact that Russell T. Davies is Welsh, an that the new series will be produced by BBC Wales, before listing the other writers who will be working with RTD. Davies mentions that believes that he has carte blanche with the new series, and that things must change, and his attitude is (perhaps rightly) if the purists don't like it, tough. This attitude is supported by Tom Baker, who says that if the show does not change, then the BBC might as well only advertise its DVD releases. This is followed by a quote from a DWAS representative Antony Wainer who says that fans give a positive reaction to the new series and are delighted with the quality of the writers working on the revival. Wainer then goes on to say that the fans are expecting something new and surprising, but would draw the line at a woman being cast.

Tom Baker's suggestion that Eddie Izzard should be the next Doctor is given a brief mention before the article moves into a discussion of who the new Doctor should be. The name that tops the list is Bill Nighy, followed by Robert Lindsey and Paul Bettany (Master and Commander: Far Side of he World). Another quote from Mr. Wainer suggests that Bill Nighy has been cast and the reason for the delay in announcing him is that the BBC is negotiating with the producers of the upcoming "HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy" movie, regarding Nighy's schedule, so that he will be able to film the movie and the new "Doctor Who" series at the same time (though this might simply be idle wishes, as we have not been given any confirmation that Nighy is taking the part, and indeed have heard quite the opposite.)

It is then followed by a series of quotes from Paul Murphy, editor of TV Quick magazine. Mr Murphy believes that there are bound to be some complaints about from people who are disappointed that the series is not exactly as they would have done it. Murphy says if they should have "got off their backsides and do something about it", citing Mark Gatiss, a life long fan who has worked himself into a position in the industry to actually work on the new series. Mr Murphy says that the fans have a lot to look forward to, but warns RTD against any hanky panky in the TARDIS. The article ends with a quick plug for the DWAS.

Accompanying the article is a large photo of the TARDIS dematerialising, a photo of Russell T. Davies, Eddie Izzard, Bill Nighy (from "Love, Actually") and a Dalek. Also there is a side article listing a number of famous Doctor Who monsters and another sub article listing the Seven TV Doctors. Interestingly, Paul McGann is listed in the same section as Peter Cushing and the "Doctors" from "The Curse of the Fatal Death". (Thanks to John Campbell Rees