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1/17/2004 12:26:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Galaxy 4 has posted release information about Reeltime Pictures' new series of DVDs for 2004, re-releasing previous VHS installments as double sets on a single disc. Due out in 2004 are the following dramas and documentaries, with tentative dates as follows:
  • January 31: Daemos Rising (the BBV/Reeltime drama sequel to the TV story "The Daemons"); Mythmakers: William Russell & Verity Lambert; Mythmakers: Terrance Dicks & Barry Letts Part 3
  • February 28: In Memory Alone (the third chapter of BBV's Stranger video series starring Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant); Mythmakers: Mark Strickson & David Banks; Who's Who & Then and Now (two American PBS documentaries from 1987)
  • March 31: An Englishman On Gallifrey & The Home Whovian (Mark Strickson video diary from his Gallifrey 2001 visit and the classic PBS Doctor Who documentary); Mythmakers: Anneke Wills & Michael Craze
  • April 30: The Doctor Down Under & The Doctor In Need (documentaries about Australian fandom and American PBS broadcasts); Mythmakers: Jacqueline Hill & Raymond Cusick
  • May 31: My Doctor Who Diary & ReUNITed (Yee Jee Tso's video diary from 2001 paired with the UNIT reunion at ChicagoTARDIS 2001); Myth Makers 13: Doctor Who Magazine at Marvel Comics Parts 1 & 2
  • June 30: The Panopticon Tapes 1 & 2 (footage from various Panopticon conventions); Myth Makers 14: Jon Pertwee & Christopher Barry
  • July 31: The Doctor At Sea & The Megeve Experiment (Sci-Fi Sea Cruise documentary and the French video production diary with Sophie Aldred & Debbie Watling); Myth Makers 15: Louise Jameson & Mat Irvine
  • August 31: The Myth Runner Tapes (a series of out-takes and fluffs from the range of Myth Makers titles); Myth Makers 16: Peter Purves and Donald Tosh
  • September 30: Longleat 83 Special Edition (20th anniversary convention diary); Myth Makers 17: Caroline John & Terrance Dicks/Barry Letts Part 1