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10/20/2003 03:47:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

October 20, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
You can't keep Tom Baker down... he just keeps doing outrageous and extremely funny interviews. In a new chat withMetro Cafe Tom talks Doctor Who and more. Some of the highlights: Have you kept any memorabilia from the show? "I did have quite a lot but it was all begged off me. You know, smart begging. It is very highly organised now, isn't it? If I had held on to some of it, it would have been terribly valuable. I just gave it away." Tom on sexuality and the ladies: "Well, I tell you this: I am sexually - even as Tom Baker - irresistible to ladies over 80. They often say: 'It's Tom Baker, isn't it? The old Dr Who?' And I say: 'Yes.' And they say: 'I thought it was. As soon as I saw you, my bosoms began to tingle.' In Waitrose, there are lots of old ladies trying to pull me. They smash their trolleys into mine, saying: 'I live quite close by, dear.'" On his ex-wife: "I married one. I married Lalla Ward, who played Romana - she is terrifically articulate and witty. She was in New York at some science fiction bash. Somebody from the floor said: 'Ms Ward, what was your favourite monster?' and she said: 'Tom Baker.'" More on the new series: "Eddie Izzard would be excellent. Because he is so mysterious and strange, yet benevolent. He would be very good indeed. And Judith Chalmers perhaps as the assistant? Or am I getting her mixed up with Melinda Messenger? Oh yes, that's right, Melinda Messenger then." Would he reprise the role? "I might jib at that but I want to suggest the BBC makes me The Master. The new viewers wouldn't be bothered as they wouldn't recognise me - but for older people, there would be a certain frisson. The BBC wouldn't like it because it is a bit witty. But I am used to rejection." And on death: "What do you mean? I have a bloody coffin ready and waiting full of cat litter in the garage. You have got to be prepared these days. I am a professional. That's why I go to bed early. I am rehearsing for death." Click on the link above for the whole very entertaining article.