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8/06/2003 01:59:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

August 6, 2003  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
BBC Worldwide has issued a press release for the forthcoming release of The Two Doctors, starring Colin Baker, Patrick Troughton, Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines and Jacqueline Pearce. The press release is as follows:

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors DVD

Colin Baker's incarnation of the Doctor faces old enemies the Sontarans in this September 8th release. An alien scientist allied with the warlike Sontarans kidnaps the second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton) in order to obtain the secret of time travel, which is found in a Time Lord's genes. This two disc set was originally transmitted in February 1985.

Special Features include:

Disc 1: 3 x 45 minute episodes
  • Commentary by stars Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Frazer Hines, Jacqueline Pearce and director Peter Moffatt

  • Isolated music soundtrack

  • Production Notes
    "A Fix with Sontarans" - a short mini-episode from 'Jim'll Fix It'. (approx 10 mins)
    Easter Egg

    Disc 2 includes:

  • Behind the Sofa - Robert Holmes & Doctor Who - a featurette about the work of the acclaimed Doctor Who writer and script editor. (approx 45 mins)

  • Beneath the Lights - in studio during recording of part of episode one. (approx 25 mins)

  • Beneath the Sun - VHS-sourced raw takes from the location filming in Spain. (Approx 35 mins.)

  • Adventures in Time and Spain - Production Manager Gary Downie talks about the trials and tribulations of working in a foreign location. (Approx 30 mins)

  • Wavelength - a radio production from 1984 following the cast and crew as they record the story. (Approx 29 mins).

  • Photo Gallery (approx 8 mins)

    Catalogue number: BBCDVD1213. RRP : รบ12.99. Running time : 150 mins approx. Cert: PG