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7/17/2003 01:11:00 am - Reported by Shaun Lyon

July 17, 2003 • Posted By Shaun Lyon
Besides their forthcoming "Daemos Rising" series, Reeltime Pictures has shared with Outpost Gallifrey their schedule of forthcoming releases for the second half of 2003. Late July sees the debut of the "Myth Makers" interview series edition with Gareth Thomas ("Blake's 7") on VHS and DVD as well as the re-release of the "Myth Makers: Sophie Aldred & Andrew Cartmel" interviews on DVD. In August, "Blake's 7" stars and DW guests Peter Tuddenham (various voices), Jacqueline Pearce ("Timelash" and Big Finish's "Fearmonger) and Stephen Greif (BF's "Primeval") are featured; Tuddenham's is new, Pearce and Greif are featured together on DVD. September will see the VHS debut for Blake's 7's Jan Chappell as well as the re-release on DVD of Deborah Watling & Victor Pemberton's "Myth Makers" releases, while October sees not only the debut of "Daemos Rising" but the DVD release of David Howe's "Mindgame" starring Sophie Aldred. For the anniversary of Doctor Who, Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks are featured in November in a "Myth Makers" release on VHS and DVD, while the month also sees the re-release on DVD of interviews with Ian Marter and Michael Wisher. Finally, December sees the re-release of interviews with Patrick Troughton and BBC Head of Drama Shaun Sutton, as well as a new VHS/DVD release "The Doctor Down Under: History of Aussie Fandom". More details as we get them. (Thanks to Keith Barnfather)