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3/16/2003 07:09:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

An article on the dearth of watchable Saturday evening television in the UK that ran in the Observer on March 16 includes comments from Jane Tranter, the Head of Drama for the BBC, who has a horror of "relentlessly pretentious middle-class wank, drama all about people having writer's block, that absolutely nobody watched." Tranter goes on to note that her fantasy Saturday television line-up is as follows: "I'd like to do a modern version of Doctor Who starring someone like Judi Dench, go into an entertainment show like Pop Idol, then Casualty at 8pm, and at 9pm, I'd like to run a made-for-television Saturday-night movie of the week. Maybe like Edge of Darkness, but run over two nights." You can read the article online by clicking here. (Thanks to Steve Tribe, Neil Feist, Paul Kirkley)