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3/17/2003 07:07:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

The respected media site Dark Horizons today made mention of a Doctor Who development it received from an anonymous poster (which we repeat due to the multiple emails we received this morning. Says the report: "Yet more flame for the Gallifreyan fire from 'Joe': 'Was given a lecture recently by an Exec from the BBC at my Uni in London. While in full flow on greenlit sci-fi scripts, she said that the next series of 'Dr Who Is Happening' and has been given the greenlight. She confimed this after the lecture, when I spoke to her about the development of my own project.'" We reiterate that we believe this is based on the same, usual rumors (see yesterday's comments in the Daily Mirror, below), and that there has been no true progress on a new Doctor Who series. If there is, we must emphasize, we will likely hear it immediately from the BBC rather than through anonymous posters. (Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let us know!)