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3/28/2003 11:04:00 pm - Reported by Shaun Lyon

Big Finish has revealed some details for some imminent projects. First, the cover illustration by Lee Binding for Music from the Seventh Doctor Adventures is available; this disc, forthcoming shortly, features the music from "Bang-Bang-a-Boom!" (music by Andy Hardwick), "Dust Breeding" (music by Russell Stone) and "The Rapture" (music by Jim Mortimore). Also now online is the cover illustration (by Clay Hickman) and cover blurb details (below) for A Universe of Terrors, the third in BF's "Short Trips" anthology series due out in June; details are below. Finally, BF today released the cast information for this May's Creatures of Beauty starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton; guest starring in this adventure is actor David Daker (whose many Doctor Who roles include Irongron in "The Time Warrior" and Captain Rigg in "Nightmare of Eden") as Gilbrook, David Mallinson as Brodlik, Jemma Churchill as Lady Forleon, Nigel Hastings as Quain, Michael Smiley as Seedleson, Philip Wolff as Murone, Emma Manton as Veline and Nicholas Briggs as The Koteem. (Thanks to Big Finish)

Edited by John Binns

'There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible thing...'

Join the Doctor on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe, from an alien world tyrannised by a god-like machine, to the British retreat from Afghanistan in 1842. Discover the secrets of the TARDIS's original owner, and of three faceless creatures stranded in 21st century Hollywood.

And finally, if you can, face the terrors that lurk in your own heart, and in your dreams...

Fourteen brand new adventures for reading after dark!

This collection features fourteen exclusive short stories from veterans of the Doctor Who universe including Marc Platt, Lance Parkin, Robert Shearman, Jonathan Morris and Trevor Baxendale and from several authors new to it, including acclaimed fantasy novelist Juliet E McKenna.

A Universe of Terrors is compiled and edited by John Binns who in the early Nineties edited the regular Doctor Who fiction collection Silver Carrier, in which many of today's Doctor Who novelists and television script-writers sharpened their teeth.

'We all have a universe of our own terrors to face'
Doctor Who: Ghost Light, by Marc Platt

For 40 years, the battered doors of a police telephone box have been our gateway to other times, and other worlds: worlds that have been at turns disturbing, frightening, horrific and surreal. Through several generations, a large part of the series’ appeal has been its ability to shock and scare us, defying the best efforts of well-meaning parents and censors.

In contrast to its rivals in the genre, Doctor Who has portrayed a universe peopled not with human-like cultures working their way towards peace, but with unspeakable demons and monsters, killer robots, and creatures that lurk in the dark. Where more conventional sci-fi series have used other worlds to explore the science of space travel or the human condition, Doctor Who followed the tradition of the B-movies of the Fifties and of the Quatermass television serials, in which the existence of space/time travel and alien life was not an intellectual curiosity but an excuse to frighten children and adults out of their wits.

A Universe of Terrors brings Doctor Who fiction back to those roots, and explores the darkest corners of the Doctor's universe. It is a journey that takes in not just alien and physical terrors, but also those of our own world, and of our own personal nightmares. It also depicts a progression in the Doctor’s own lives, from the moment he and his grand-daughter Susan first stepped aboard a stolen TARDIS, to an uncertain future in which the boundaries between good and evil become irrevocably blurred.

Stories include:

The Exiles by Lance Parkin
Mire and Clay by Gareth Wigmore
Ash by Trevor Baxendale
Face-Painter by Tara Samms
Losing Track of Time by Juliet E McKenna
The Discourse of Flies by Jeremy Daw
The Fear by Alex Leithes
Maurtiz by Jonathan Morris
The Comet's Tail by John Binns
Soul Mates by David Bailey
Long Term by Andrew Campbell
The Death of Me by Robert Shearman
Whiskey and Water by Marc Platt
Gazing Void by Huw Wilkins

The book also features original poetry by William Keith.