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5/30/2001 11:53:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
The TARDIS Asteroid: According to the lastest list of officially recognized Minor Planet names, Asteroid 3325 has received the designation of "TARDIS". Its listing can be found at cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/lists/NumberedMPs03001.html. The object was discovered in 1984, but the name seems to be recent. Other interesting names include Asteroid 18610 Arthurdent, 21811 Burroughs, 5020 Asimov, 9777 Enterprise, 6371 Heinlein, and 8379 Straczynski. The entire cast of Monty Python have also been so honored. Traditionally for minor planets, the discoverer gets first pick to name it, although this does not necessarily mean that they will choose to excercise that right, or that the name will be accepted by the IAU Nominclature Committee. Which in turn means that we could yet see some other DW related asteroid names in the future. (Thanks to Douglas B. Killings)

Doctor Who Wants to Be A Millionaire: The May 20 edition of the US version of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" on ABC-TV featured a Doctor Who question. The question, for a total amount of $32,000, was "On the long-running BBC TV series Doctor Who, what does Dr. Who's spaceship look like from the outside?" The answers were A) Mailbox; B) Taxi cab; C) Phone booth (the correct answer); and D) Potted Plant. The contestant was not able to answer the question and had to walk away. (Thanks to Justin Horne for the info & screen capture; click on the graphic for a larger version)

Dapol: "We Have NOT Lost Our License": After online rumors concerning new Who film developments mentioned a possible shutdown by Dapol UK, Outpost Gallifrey was contacted by George Smith, Dapol's Director of Corporate Affairs, with a statement: "At the moment there is a rumour circulating throughout the various Doctor Who web sites that we at Dapol have 'Lost our License'. Can I therefore quash this rumour once and for all: Dapol have NOT lost or relinquished their license. Dapol is still committed to developing the brand and indeed will have the first of a whole new range of high detailed solid pvc figurines in the market by about late June 2001. Subject to permission from both the BBC and agents of the actors, Dapol also intend to commence manufacture of 'DOCTORS' and 'COMPANIONS'." The communication further states that Dapol will release further information through various sites, including providing info to the Outpost. (Thanks to George Smith of Dapol)

A Police Box Appears...: Artist Mark Wallinger recently installed two police boxes in England, according to the UK's Channel Four news, on the front lawn and inside the Oxford Natural History/Pitt Rivers museum. Wallinger, the man who created the first sculpture to grace the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square, is said to be taking a TARDIS to this year's Venice Biennale (literally, not in terms of travel within, we assume!) where he will be Britain's representative. There is a nice photo of one TARDIS in the museum grounds at www.oum.ox.ac.uk/tardis.htm plus a piece on the artist himself briefly explaining the TARDIS project at www.oum.ox.ac.uk/artist.htm. (Thanks to Andrew Davis and Chris Burnside for the news, and Steve Woolfall for the links!)

The Missing Episodes Campaign: The BBC website features some information about a new campaign to recover missing episodes of BBC TV shows, in tandem with a recent BBC TV news report which featured several Doctor Who luminaries and fans discussing the loss of the historical archives of Hartnell and Troughton shows. A clip (in RealMedia format) available by clicking here features a very short clip of the title sequence from "Vampire From Space" (the original title of "The Claws of Axos") in color, as well as brief comments from Sue Malden, director of the BBC film & TV archives. (Thanks to Peter Anghelides and Matthew Adams)

Doctor Who: Sixth Greatest TV Character of All Time: The UK's Channel 4 conducted an online survey to determine who the "greatest TV character" of all time was. On May 6, it was announced on a live four-hour broadcast: the good Doctor came in at a very high 6th place. (And who came in first? Homer Simpson, followed by Basil Fawlty and Blackadder.) For complete results, visit www.channel4.com/100_tvs. (Thanks to everyone who let us know!)

Sladen Portraits: Artist Duncan Gutteridge -- well known for his many celebrity portraits including stars of Star Trek, Buffy and other SF shows -- has created a new art print featuring Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith). Sanctioned by Sladen, the print is limited to 100 copies signed by both the actress and the artist. More information is available at www.duncangutteridge.com. (Thanks to Roger Clark for sending us the artwork thumbnail with Sladen & Gutteridge's permission)

Even More Dead Ringers: Says Nev Fountain of BBC Radio on the popular radio comedy series: "There's going to be an election special in early june, and the next series starts in August. A call with Colin Baker was recorded, but didn't turn out as good as we hoped - no-one's fault, it just happens like that sometimes. He's probably going to be the last, as we've heard Peter D is a bit 'grouchy' and McGann's a bit shy, but the possibility doing a few of the better-known companions has been a subject of 'pub talk' after the last recording. If you haven't caught many shows, then there's four episodes available on cassette (the first series) and four more available in june/july (the first half of the second series). Not a huge fan of series one myself- it took a few episodes to find a style - but series 2 is very good." Fountain recently announced on a Doctor Who message board that "Jon Culshaw recorded two spoof calls today that might interest you... He rang up both Colin and Tom Baker, and one or both of them will be included on this week's show..." The results of that were heard in late April. (Thanks to Mustafa Hirji and Nev Fountain)

Host Yourself in the Eye of Harmony: Eye of Harmony Hosting Solutions, a non-profit web provider operated by Indelible Promotions (the group behind the "Day of the Daleks" conventions), is offering special hosting deals for Doctor Who websites. Visit www.eyeofharmony.co.uk for more information.

Classic Moments and Talking Daleks!: Product Enterprises are releasing "the greatest Doctor Who toy ever!," talking Daleks, as well as their "Classic Moments" Collection, a series of detailed statues featuring "An Unearthly Child" (a TARDIS, First Doctor and Susan statue) and statues of a Sensorite, Lynx the Sontaran, a Draconian, a Quark and a Zygon. The talking Daleks, meanwhile, will be available in three colours with flashing lights. Below are links to the two graphics we have (smaller to conserve space). Product Enterprises are the makers of the popular Dalek Rolykins statues. (Thanks to Steve Walker at Product Enterprises for contacting us directly!)
Strictly Ink Card Release: The first in a series of trading cards from the Strictly Ink company was released on March 31. Retailing for £49.99 per box, it contained 36 packs of 8 cards (guaranteeing a full 120 card set), two signed cards and twelve foil cards in each box. The Series One Definitive Collectors Edition 1 contains: 6,000 numbered boxes worldwide (300 cases); 2 hand signed actors autograph cards in every box; 120 card basic super premium card set; 18 Radio Times Gold Foil Subset; Subset images & story cards, covering all of Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell's story Episodes; Unpublished BBC Archive Black & Whites; 15 Actors Autograph; trading cards including all the living TV doctors and many companions; 2 giant scarce Doctor and companion cards in each case of 20 boxes limited to 300; free Rare Uncut test Sheet with each case (Redemption form enclosed- worth up to £60); and Jumbo Doctor Who Collectors Postcard in every box, 9 to collect in series one. For more information, visit www.strictlyink.com. (Thanks to Gallifrey 5)

Orbital To Do Second Who Theme: Orbital will be releasing a new version of the Doctor Who theme tune on their new forthcoming album. The Altogether is expected to be released on 16th April. The "jungled-up" version of the theme (a live favourite) will be the subject of an interview between Orbital and the magazine 'Q' (May edition) acompanied by various photos of them posing with a Special Weapons Dalek and a 60s Cyberman. Click here for a preview. Meanwhile, according to the British music magazine "Q" (click here) the song also includes a sample from the show (of Tom Baker). A recent issue of the magazine also included some interesting pictures of the band with the Special Weapons Dalek as well as a Troughton era Cyberman. (Thanks to Shawn Channell)

This Month in Doctor Who Magazine

Now in release, Doctor Who Magazine #305 includes:
  • New Stand-Alone Comic Strip entitled The Last Word, continuing the celebration of the 10th Anniversary
  • Part One of The Fiction Fantasy - David J. Howe goes behind the scenes and reveals what's what in the range
  • Book editors, Stephen Cole, Peter Darvill-Evans and Justin Richards, together with authors Jonathan Morris and Lance Parkin give good advice to budding Dr Who novelists in The New Adventure Game - Books of Doom
  • Part One of a two part interview with Marc Platt, in which secrets from the Doctor's family circle are revealed
  • Inferno, is the story featured in this months Archive
  • The Time Team look at The Ice WarriorsThe Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear
  • Reviews of Eater of Wasps and Asylum (Books), The Caves of Androzani (DVD), Minuet In Hell (Big Finish Audio) and The Doctor's Effects (FX Magazine)
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