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5/30/2001 11:50:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon
Missing Pieces: As noted in Doctor Who Magazine, "Missing Pieces" is a large-format Doctor Who fiction anthology, sold as a charity fundraiser equally divided for the Downs' Syndrome Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. Edited by Mark Phippen (creator & co-editor of "Perfect Timing") and Shaun Lyon (editor of Outpost Gallifrey), the book features an introduction by Peter Davison, an afterword by Sylvester McCoy and original fiction by Colin Bakerand Wendy Padbury. Over 30 professionally-published Dr. Who authors have participated in the collection, including Peter Anghelides, Trevor Baxendale, Arnold T. Blumberg, Colin Brake, Simon Bucher Jones, Jonathan Blum, Daniel Blythe, Stephen Cole, Martin Day, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Steve Emmerson, Craig Hinton, David J. Howe, Paul Leonard, Steve Lyons, Paul Magrs, David A. McIntee, Jon deBurgh Miller, Jonathan Morris, Jim Mortimore, Lance Parkin, Lars Pearson, John Peel, Gary Russell, Rob Shearman, Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, Dave Stone, Keith Topping, Mike Tucker and Nick Walters, as well as many prominent fan authors and illustrators. 380 pages, full color cover art by artist Nathan Skreslet, perfect bound. Ordering information is now available, visit http://www.gallifreyone.com/pieces.htm. The book was launched at the Gallifrey 2001 convention; the first group of 250 orders has been fulfilled, and the second batch is currently being shipped. A third batch is planned for the summer.

Walking In Eternity: A new charity fiction anthology edited by Julian Eales, with contributions from Doctor Who authors Stephen Gallagher ("Terminus" and "Warriors' Gate"), Paul Magrs, Mark Clapham, Simon Bucher-Jones, Mark Michalowski, Kelly Hale, David Bishop, Jon DeBurgh Miller, Lance Parkin and Dave Stone plus many other authors. The book is a new benefit collection for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. For more information, emailwalkingineternity@ntlworld.com.

Time Space Visualiser 62: The latest issue of TSV is now out, and features a whole host of features, including an interview with Colin Baker, the first part of an interview with Big Finish producer Gary Russell covering the McGann stories and more, Andrew Pixley examines cut scenes from the Spearhead from Space camera script, the first of a three-part tenth anniversary overview of the New Adventures, the Beyond the Sofa boys reappraise The Tenth Planet and Attack of the Cybermen, the Pertwee era reviewed, the Karkus takes on a War Machine and Pex finds out the truth about Cyberleader Krang... all this and more in this 92 page A5 zine from the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club - available to fans worldwide. For ordering details, visit www.doctorwho.org.nz.

The McGannzine: Everything you could want to know about the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audios and more... in a new UK fan magazine. "The McGannzine" features interviews with all of the writers of the first Eighth Doctor series, India Fisher and Michael Sheard; the original plans for a companion - named Kirsty; which story had a working title; how the final cut of a story is assembled; how covers are designed; and much, much more, in 40 A5 packed pages of fanzine fun! Order information is available via email to univex@ksmith.demon.co.uk or, for more information, write Kenny Smith, 15 Burncleuch Avenue, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G72 8NU UK.

Eye of Orion 7: After a slightly longer hiatus than the editors intended (although not quite as long as the 1985/86 one in the series), EYE of ORION issue #7 is now available. There's the continuation of the comic strip, written by Paul Castle and drawn by Alex Naylor as well as fiction by Jonathan W Dennis, Helen Fayle, Alison Jacobs and Mark Phippen. Features include reviews of _The Cat Who Walked Through Time_ and the first year's Big Finish output. Phil Pursar-Hallard examines the EDA's 'Compassion Arc' and articles by Matt Michael and Simon Bucher-Jones looking at two different aspects of _The Twin Dilemma_. Plus the EYE's readers discuss whether DOCTOR WHO is still a unified series, and our usual variety of drabbles and more. Issue #7 is 48 pages, A5, b&w. A full listing of the main fiction and articles can be found at our new website: www.eyeoforion.plus.com.

Trenchcoat Finale: The Trenchcoat Farewell Project -- started to close the book on the ten-year-old Trenchcoat/Ninth Aspect fanzine series -- will reprint and remaster the 33 alternate eighth and ninth Doctor stories in the five published fanzines plus eleven other stories that would have appeared in two additional issues that were never finished. With redone artwork, the issue will be released as a single, 800 page hardbound volume; the Project hopes to see release this coming September. For more information, visit www.sitehouse.net/trenchcoat or email jamesbow@home.com.

Ten Years of Doctor Who Novels: A special issue of Enlightenment, the fanzine of the Doctor Who Information Network. "Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the publication of original Doctor Who novels (in the New Adventures and the Eighth Doctor Adventures), this extra-sized edition, features year-by-year reviews of the past decade's books by some of North American Who fandom's best reviewers; a look at some of the strengths of the series; an assessment of the Seventh Doctor's character as portrayed in the New Adventures; an analysis of the effect the books has had on fan fiction; and an interview with author (and future Enlightenment columnist) Lance Parkin. You're not likely to find this much coverage of this event anywhere else this year!" For more ordering information, email ggburk@aol.com.

The Six Minute UNIT Files: The Curse of the Vampire: The latest Six Minute Movie (a series of 6-minute fan videos) is from BTR Productions, an Australian group. "After hearing disturbing reports from a "friend of a friend" of unearthly occurrences, Professor Jennifer Langard and Captain Rainor Vance of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce decide it's time these reports were investigated...." For more info, or to view it online (at a site hosted by the Federation), visitfedvideo.net/6m2/unitcurse.htm.
Fan Produced Documentaries:
  • "The Making of Fury From the Deep" by Richard Bignell is currently available with the reconstruction of this classic story. The documentary contains all available color footage from the story (shot on small camera) as well as commentary by cast and crew Hugh David, Michael E. Briant, Margot Hayhoe, John Abineri and Roy Spencer, along with Peter Day (who worked on Visual Effects) and excerpts from "The Slide," author Victor Pemberton's 1966 radio play which was originally submitted to the DW production office in 1964 and which was eventually reworked into "Fury". The final duration of the documentary is 51 minutes and is circulated on telesnap reconstruction tapes with the story.
  • Already in production is "The Making of Marco Polo" also by Bignell, which will be on tapes of a new version of the reconstruction and will include more 'moving footage' than the "Fury" documentary. In addition, the documentary will feature interviews with series regular Carole Ann Ford and guest stars Mark Eden (Marco Polo), Zienia Merton (Ping-Cho) and Philip Voss (Acomat). It will be available later in 2001 along with a new reconstruction of the story. (Thanks to Richard Bignell and Robert Franks)
  • The Loose Cannon Reconstructions team has re-united actors Edward DeSouza, Barry Jackson and Jeremy Young after 35 years to reminisce about the making of "Mission to the Unknown," the one-off story that acted as a prologue to the 12-part "The Daleks' Master Plan". The interview will be included on Loose Cannon's upcoming 'Mission To The Unknown' reconstruction. The reconstruction of Mission includes many previously unpublished photos including the rocket ship interior (some of which you can see in the photos provided by Derek Handley to the Outpost's First Doctor Guide, used for the reconstruction.) (Thanks to Rick Brindell)