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4/06/2001 11:37:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon

Sladen Portraits: Artist Duncan Gutteridge -- well known for his many celebrity portraits including stars of Star Trek, Buffy and other SF shows -- has created a new art print featuring Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith). Sanctioned by Sladen, the print is limited to 100 copies signed by both the actress and the artist. More information is available at www.duncangutteridge.com.
Win A Dalek!: The online store BOL has launched a new science fiction section on their site, and as part of this they are running a competition to win a full size Dalek, supplied by This Planet Earth. The competition runs until 29 April.

Strictly Ink Card Release: The first in a series of trading cards from the Strictly Ink company was released on March 31. Retailing for Ј49.99 per box, it contained 36 packs of 8 cards (guaranteeing a full 120 card set), two signed cards and twelve foil cards in each box. The Series One Definitive Collectors Edition 1 contains: 6,000 numbered boxes worldwide (300 cases); 2 hand signed actors autograph cards in every box; 120 card basic super premium card set; 18 Radio Times Gold Foil Subset; Subset images & story cards, covering all of Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell's story Episodes; Unpublished BBC Archive Black & Whites; 15 Actors Autograph; trading cards including all the living TV doctors and many companions; 2 giant scarce Doctor and companion cards in each case of 20 boxes limited to 300; free Rare Uncut test Sheet with each case (Redemption form enclosed- worth up to Ј60); and Jumbo Doctor Who Collectors Postcard in every box, 9 to collect in series one. For more information, visit www.strictlyink.com. (Thanks to Gallifrey 5)

SF:UK Special: SF:UK, a Channel Four documentary series in Britain that features behind-the-scenes information on various science fiction and genre programs, will feature an entire episode devoted to Doctor Who on April 14. Some parts of the broadcast were filmed on location at the Llangollen Dr Who Exhibition in Wales. More details as available.

Vote For The Greatest TV Character: The UK's Channel 4 is conducting an online survey to determine who the "greatest TV character" of all time is. You can cast your vote (and we'd hope it would be for The Doctor, #94 on the list), at www.channel4.com/100_tvs/vote.cfm. (Thanks to a bunch of people for letting us know!)
Museum Curators Looking for Items: The Letchworth Museum & Art Gallery, a local authority museum in North Hertfordshire, is looking for Doctor Who display items. "Every summer we put on a popular exhibition for all the family, and this summer we intend to organize one on Dr Who. We are hoping to borrow all kinds of Dr Who items from collectors. Everything we borrow will be insured, and displayed in locked showcases, in a large gallery which is also covered by CCTV. The exhibition will run from mid-July through August. We also hope to have a really big opening day, with one of the Doctors, and lots of merchandise on sale. If you know anyone who might like to lend from their collection, I'd be really grateful if they could e-mail me at the museum." For information, email letchworth.museum@nhdc.gov.uk. (Thanks to Mark Campbell)

Doctor Who Magazine 303: Now in release, DWM 303 includes interviews with Sylvester McCoy (concerning his new BBV video "Do YOu Have a License To Save This Planet"?), authors Pip & Jane Baker ("Time and the Rani") and actor Prentis Hancock (various roles including "Planet of Evil" and "The Ribos Operation"; part four of "Ophidius," the current comic strip; reviews of "Rags," "Earthworld," "The Moonbase," "Sword of Orion" and "K-9 Unleashed"; the regular Time Team report; burning questions such as 'Is Benton a Murderer' and 'How Might a Sonic Screwdriver Work?' are investigated; and "The Ice Warriors" is featured in the Archive. (Thanks to Gallifrey 5 for the cover & details)

Doctor Who in the Dome?: BBC Worldwide, is in discussions with partners (thought to include the Tussauds group) to enter the race for the Millenium Dome, with plans to re-open the site as a visitor attraction based on the BBC's most popular television characters. Any financial input into the project would come from the corporations commercial arm, rather than out of license payers money. (Thanks to Doctor Who Shop)
Orbital To Do Second Who Theme: Orbital will be releasing a new version of the Doctor Who theme tune on their new forthcoming album. The Altogether is expected to be released on 16th April. (Thanks to Doctor Who Shop)

Own Your Own K-9: This Planet Earth, responsible for full scale Dalek and TARDIS products, have added K9 to their range, licensed by BBC Worldwide. Priced at a rather expensive Ј795 plus postage, the offer is currently only available in the UK. Says the press release: "As in the original, K9 is constructed mainly in fibreglass. In order to accommodate the remote control unit (planned for the second quarter of 2001) K9 is fitted with an MDF base and four small castors. This base is removable. K9's purchased now will be compatible with the add-on remote control kit which will be a base board with the motors and wheels etc fitted to the board. The lights etc on K9 are non-operational. The FUTURE REMOTE CONTROL ADD-ON will feature forwards, backwards, left and right motion only. This is for reliability reasons. We are selling large volumes of K9 and therefore wish to eliminate any potential problems with failure of additional features. The original BBC K9 was renowned for needing repairs very regularly on the set. However there is scope within the design of the K9 that we produce to enable the customer to fit their own additional features. A dog tag is supplied with K9. K9's head is in a fixed position." For more information, visit www.thisplanetearth.co.uk/. (Thanks to Doctor Who Shop)
Dalek Rolykins: Product Enterprises have announced some new Rolykins toys for 2001. Included will be a movie Dalek released this summer, and a seven-inch talking Dalek which will make use of new chip technology; both will come available in three different colours, with classic voice commands and flashing lights. The company will also feature a new website in the coming months to advertise their products. (Thanks to Doctor Who Shop)
Dead Ringers Update: The BBC's official Doctor Who site has put up a new page dedicated to the parodies from this radio series at www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/deadringers/index.shtml. The popular radio comedy series returns this week in the UK, and, as before, features a wickedly accurate impression of Tom Baker making strange phone calls to unsuspecting members of the public and celebrities. The series airs on Fridays at 6.30pm on Radio 4, and is repeated on Saturdays at 12.30pm. (Thanks to the official BBC website, and to James Goss at BBC Cult for the link information)
First Day Covers: More new stamps were released recently. Two new ones, "UNIT ReUnited" features images of Benton, Yates, the Brigadier and the Fourth Doctor, with their original signatures; the other features Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor with his signature. Both are limited to 1500 copies and are seen below. Others have included: Tom Baker and artist Chris Achilleos, featuring Achilleos' his first new montage design since 1983; "The Assistants United" featuring signatures from seven former companions; one with all seven Doctors; one featuring Sylvester McCoy; and one focusing on Tom Baker. A launch for the UNIT cover is planned for 12th April when Tom Baker, John Levene and Richard Franklin will be present at the Stamp Centre. Information is available at http://stamp-centre.co.uk. The following is the artwork for two recent stamps, followed by five previous issues below that; click anywhere to enlarge them. (Special thanks to Nigel Potter at Gallifrey 5)
Porcelain Figures: Classic Sheercast have issued the first in a BBC licensed series of limited edition porcelain figures - William Hartnell as the Doctor. All seven BBC Doctors will eventually join the range. There's a website for more information at http://www.doctorwhofigures.co.uk. They've also got a limited edition set of busts out as well, go to http://www.doctorwhofigures.co.uk/busts.html for those.