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12/02/2000 11:53:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Morris Barry, former BBC director whose works include directing three Patrick Troughton Doctor Who tales ("The Moonbase," "The Dominators" and the classic "Tomb of the Cybermen"), passed away in November at age 82. Jonathan Barry, the director's son, contacted Outpost Gallifrey to inform us of the death of Mr. Barry, whose work on "Dr. Whoof" (as he called it) was important in the early years of the program. Barry taped the introduction to "Tomb," which had been discovered in 1992, for the video release of the serial.

John Savident, who portrayed Squire John in "The Visitation," was stabbed at his Manchester flat in the early hours of December 1, for reasons unknown. He is said to be in a safe condition at hospital. (Thanks to Mark Campbell)

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) will appear in this weeks episode of Heartbeat (on ITV at 8pm Sunday 12th in the United Kingdom). He plays an ex-MP with a "shady past" - according to the Radio Times. Meanwhile, Russell will be celebrating his 76th birthday on Sunday, November 19... our hats off to him! (Thanks to Patricia Gonzalez and Andrew Meadows)

Lawrence Davidson, who played the Draconian First Secretary in Frontier in Space, died in October. He also appeared in episodes of The Saint and Danger Man.

An interview with Paul Sams and Bob Baker on the 'K9 Unleashed' documentary video from Reeltime seemed to be fairly positive on the long-proposed K9 animated series actually being made in the near future. Some CGI work is shown on the new video release. (Thanks to David Whittam)

Actor Julian Rhind-Tutt from the BBC Doctor Who Radio serial "The Paradise of Death" is playing the part of Pimms (the villain's henchman) in the forthcoming film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," based on the popular video game. Red Dwarf fans will also be interested to learn that Chris Barrie ('Rimmer') is to play Lara Croft's butler. (Thanks to Colin John Francis)