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10/18/2000 11:43:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
The Canterbury Tales - The Journey Back: The stop-motion animated series concludes on October 18 on BBC TWO at 7.30pm. Among those giving voice to the characters are Tom Baker (as Simkin) and Louise Jameson (as the Horsewoman and Falcon). Other cast members with 'Doctor Who' connections are Bernard Cribbin (as John the Carpenter), Ken Dodd (as Canon) and David Troughton (as the Friar). (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Missing Episodes Won't Cost You: A note to any prospective buyer for "missing episodes" of Doctor Who... don't do it. Recently, several online auctions have turned up so-called 'missing stories' being sold. These are almost certainly hoaxes; anyone with access to the Internet and knowledge of Doctor Who would be aware that such episodes could be considered valuable commodities. If you have come across such auctions of missing material, we suggest you visit the Restoration Team who have legitimate ties to the BBC to investigate. It is very, very unlikely that anything else exists that could be easily sold on any of the auction sites.

Doctor Who 2001 Radio Times Calendar: The new 2001 calendar from Slowdazzle Worldwide is now in release. Featuring some terrific photos, including some never seen except in the pages of Radio Times, it is available online or in specialty stores. More information is available at www.slowdazzle.com. (Cover art courtesy Paul Gordon.)